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  • Testimonials

    Lucy Chow, Owner

    The Elements Group

    "Max started with TKD Tigers when he was 4 years old. He is now 8 years old and we could not imagine a week going by without a TKD session with Adam Nazer. Adam's dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge towards the sport has no equal. Definitely not in the UAE. He is a committed instructor who is able to teach and engage students no matter their age. Max is committed to the martial arts journey he has embarked on. We would whole heartedly recommend Dunamis to anyone who wants to introduce this amazing form of mental and physical self discipline to their child. Adam and Linda Nazer have created an extensive family out of their amazing passion for TKD. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!"

    Proud Mom to Max

    Green Tag Holder

    "My children have been with ITF for the past three years and I can honestly say that they are still just as thrilled to go to class -despite a long day at school- as when they first started. They just love their Tae Kwon Do classes. Mr. Adam has an undeniable way with children - they learn so much from him about self-defense, respect, discipline and body control in a fun way that leaves them wanting more at the end of each class. My boys come back home after each class enthusiastically repeating what they've learnt and self-correcting the movements they're given, which shows the delivery is effective and accurate."

    Najla Al Merabi

    "Our son Ethan has been training with Dunamis for more than 5 years and in the later years mainly with Adam... Our son really enjoys Taekwondo with Dunamis and has really leant that it's not just about the exercise but also deep down understanding of key values which Dunamis take the extra care and attention for the students and I have found them to be really attentive to the kids needs and I do recommend Dunamis for any parent looking for good and trustworthy teachers for there children to learn such a martial arts like Taekwondo…"

    Gordon Barnard

    "Adam is an inspirational instructor and my boys have enjoyed his taekwondo classes for several years now. Being a positive role model Adam has developed the boys' strength and confidence and always demonstrates fully the tenets of Tae Kwon Do which I believe are important life skills and values for my boys to acquire.
    Recently the winter camps run by Adam have provided the opportunity for taekwondo training in a stunning desert setting combined with instruction on outdoor survival skills and the boys have enjoyed a truly fun weekend adventure."


    "Adam’s training has been fabulous! His passion and dedication is apparent in his training sessions and in my child’s attitude towards TKW Do. I love the level of respect that he models to the children and the individual focus he gives to every child. It is great is to see my child motivated, engaged and always happy to put the effort to learn his theory before every grading. The internationally recognized training is a major plus. Thank you Dunamis!"

    Tara Jawish

    "A few years ago I was looking for a class that would build confidence and physical strength in my son, so I enrolled him at TKD Tigers with Linda. Linda was very perceptive in noticing my son's capabilities and soon after, recommended taekwondo with Adam. Adam has been my son's taekwondo instructor for the last few years, and I can clearly see the physical and mental strength and confidence that he has helped my son achieve. My son is 10 years old and a couple of belts away from black belt. He has achieved this through Linda and Adam's continuous caring and supportive nature. We are so fortunate to have found them! "

    David Kimmerly

    "Living in Dubai can be a challenge when looking for children's activities that are fun as well as enriching. We were fortunate to discover Dunamis Training and Development over 5 years ago when we placed our oldest son, Ethan, in the Total Kids Defense (TKD) class. This was a great decision and Ethan has taken a passion for Taekwondo, truly made possible by the mentoring offered by Adam Nazar. Adam is an amazing and inspirational figure, teaching the children life-long values of patience, persistence and hard work - rewarding them with skills, tangible accomplishments and self-confidence. I recommend Dunamis Training and Development for children, and adults, looking for a rewarding challenge in their lives. "